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Utest Material Testing Equipment

Mission, Vision and Values


Our Vision

To be the first choice in the world by providing high quality products and technical support in the Construction Materials Testing Equipment Sector.


Our Mission

To provide a variety of products and services in accordance with the standards in the Construction Materials Testing Equipment Sector, using new technologies with ever-increasing quality, according to changing customer needs.


Values and Principles

  • People First: While developing quality solutions, we determine our first focus as "Human". We increase the competence and motivation of our teammates by providing all opportunities for their personal development. We create resources for continuous improvement. We give opportunities to young people who will build our future and encourage them to apply their ideas.

  • Innovative Productivity: We meet the current and future needs of our internal and external customers by understanding them quickly and accurately and provide satisfaction and loyalty. By producing innovative products and services, we produce strategies that will lead the sector for the world.

  • Common Solutions: We attach great importance to our solution partners, which we see as an open source of innovation in the production of innovative products and services, in meeting the expectations of our customers and increasing the quality of our product.

  • Partnership: We value our employees, customers, and solution partners, and create environments where they can freely express their different ideas and suggestions. UTEST is a family that trusts each other, respects each other, and meets on a common basis of knowledge.

  • Respect for Nature: We have responsibilities towards nature. We fulfil the requirements of this responsibility in every solution we produce, and we are very careful with our environment. We conduct studies that will enable us to transfer our nature to the next generation in the same way we take over our nature for future generations.