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Utest Material Testing Equipment

Mechanical Balances

Product Code

UTW-0800          Mechanical Balance 310 g x 0.01 g
UTW-0810          Mechanical Balance 2610 g x 0.1 g
UTW-0820          Mechanical Balance 20 kg x 1 g

The UTW Series Mechanical Balances, with their metal base construction, beam design and stainless steel pans, are durable, precise and easy-to-use. They are especially designed for on-site applications when electric power is not available. All models are equipped with zero adjust knobs at the end the of the beam for fast and easy zeroing.

The UTW-0800 model eliminates the need for level adjustment with its special three-point base design to perform high-precision measurements. The UTW-0810 is known for it's reliable performance at a reasonable price. The UTW-0820, has a corrosion-resistant durable design, this precise balance also weighs with a feather touch, down to 1 g over the whole weighing range - even under the most demanding conditions. Lockable Tare up to 2270 g. With an oversized stainless steel platform to accommodate large samples or container. The balance has magnetic damping which speeds up the weighing process, while the covered, self-aligning bearings assure a long, maintenancefree life.






310 g

2610 g

20 kg


0.01 g

0.1 g

1 g

Platform Size

Ø 89 mm

Ø 147 mm

Ø 279 mm


510x205x230 mm

540x195x210 mm

915x280x330 mm

Weigth (approx.)

2.5 kg

3.5 kg

20 kg