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Utest Material Testing Equipment

Load Cells & Load Rings

Product Code

UTGM-0002       Load Cell 1 kN Capacity, S type
UTGM-0004       Load Cell 2 kN Capacity, S type
UTGM-0010       Load Cell 5 kN Capacity, S type
UTGM-0015       Load Cell 10 kN Capacity, Pancake type
UTGM-0020       Load Cell 20 kN Capacity, Pancake type
UTGM-0025       Load Cell 50 kN Capacity, Pancake type
UTGM-0030       Load Cell 100 kN Capacity, Pancake type
UTGM-0035       Load Cell 300 kN Capacity, Pancake type
UTGM-0040       Load Cell 600 kN Capacity, Pancake type
UTGM-0045       Load Cell 1000 kN Capacity, Pancake type
UTGM-0081       Load Ring 1 kN Capacity
UTGM-0083       Load Ring 5 kN Capacity
UTGM-0084       Load Ring 10 kN Capacity
UTGM-0086       Load Ring 50 kN Capacity
UTGM-0110       Pressure Transducer, 2000 kPa
UTGM-0200       Pressure Transducer, 600 bar, 0-100 mV

A load cell is a transducer which is used to convert the appliedforce to electric signal. UTEST supplies high quality strain gaugeload cells which provide accurate electrical signal proportional tothe applied load. Different models are available which aresuitable for a wide range of applications in the 5 kN (500 kg) to 600kN (60 tons) capacity range.

Load Rings are used with testing machines to measure theapplied load. UTEST Load Rings are supplied complete with 0.001mm resolution digital dial