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Utest Material Testing Equipment

Beam Moulds

Product Code

UTC-0830            Beam Mould 100x100x400 mm, Steel
UTC-0832            Beam Mould 100x100x500 mm, Steel
UTC-0835            Beam Mould 150x150x600 mm, Steel
UTC-0838            Beam Mould 150x150x750 mm, Steel


EN 12390-1; ASTM C78, C293

Steel beam moulds are manufactured in accordance with dimensions and tolerances stated in the related standards. Two part and clamp attached base plate, the steel moulds are designed to be durable, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

Product Code


Weight (approx.)

UTC- 0830

170x510x150 mm

18 kg

UTC -0832

170x600x160 mm

20 kg

UTC- 0835

220x700x220 mm

32 kg

UTC- 0838

220x850x220 mm

35 kg