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Utest Material Testing Equipment

Marsh Funnel Viscometer

Product Code

UTCM-0072        Marsh Funnel  Viscometer


ISO 2431; ASTM D6910, API Recommended Practice 13B-2

The UTCM-0072 Marsh Funnel Viscometer is used for the determination of flow time by the use of flow cups of fluid materials such as paint, varnish etc. Manufactured from breakresistant rugged plastic to avoid deformations on temperature changes so the volumetric accuracy is maintained. Accurate measurements are taken using the metal orifice.

To avoid the operator’s hands coming into contact with the test material, a handle is provided. Supplied complete with 1 liter capacity plastic measuring cup.

Top Diameter

150 mm

Nozzle Length

50 mm

Internal Diameter

5 mm

Total Length

355 mm

Weight (approx.)

0,5 kg