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Utest Material Testing Equipment

Core Drilling Machine on Trailer

Product Code

UTAS–0105        Core Drilling Machine on Trailer
UTGD–0330       Coring Bit for Asphalt 50 mm dia. x 400 mm length
UTGD–0332       Coring Bit for Asphalt 75 mm dia. x 400 mm length
UTGD–0334       Coring Bit for Asphalt 100 mm dia. x 400 mm length
UTGD–0336       Coring Bit for Asphalt 150 mm dia. x 400 mm length


EN 12697-27

Portable UTAS-0105 Core Drilling Machine is designed to cut cores up to 150 mm diameter from concrete, asphalt and similar hard construction materials. The machine comprises a vertical support column which carries the drill head/ motor assembly. The motor assembly comprises a 6.5 hp petrol engine. A ball screw mechanism enables close control of the drilling pressure and rapid return when drilling is completed. A water spraying assembly is mounted on the machine.

The drilling machine is installed in a trailer for fast and precise sampling on-site. 100 litre water tank provides continuous lubrication during drilling to save time. The two-wheeler taut liner trailer is fully equipped with brake lamps/hazard lashers/retro reflectors conforming to road traffic regulations. The trailer is designed with a space to be used for storing the core samples. The two fixing legs are robustly designed for improved stabilization.

Coring Bits should be ordered separately.


1600x2600x2000 mm

Weight (approx.)

300 kg


6.5 Hp