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Utest Material Testing Equipment

Large Size Heavy Duty Vacuum Pyknometer

Product Code

UTAS-0045         Large Size Heavy Duty Vacuum Pyknometer (Yale) 10 lt
UTG-0410           Vibro-Deaerator, Timer Controlled, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz
UTGE-3530         Dual Stage Vacuum Pump 128 lt/min Capacity
UTGE-3550         Vacuum Gauge, Ø 63 mm 1000 mbar manometer
UTGG-2015        Filter Flask 2000 ml


ASTM D2041; EN 12697-5

The UTAS-0045 Vacuum Pyknometer (Yale Pyknometer) is used to determine the theoretical maximum specific gravity and density of non-compacted bituminous paving mixtures. The Vacuum Pyknometer is used together with a Vibra- Dearator, Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Gauge and filter flask to complete the test set. Percent air voids in compacted bituminous mixtures and the amount of bitumen absorbed by the aggregates can also be calculated with the test set. The Vacuum Pyknometer is manufactured from transparent plastic.

Please see the relevant product data sheet for each items detailed specification.

The Large Size Heavy Duty Vacuum Pyknometer is supplied complete with 

  • Vacuum Gauge
  • Rubber Tube, 6.5 mm ID x 16.5 mm, 2 m long

External Dimensions

300x300x450 mm(UTAS -0045)

Capacity (approx.)

10 litres (UTAS-0045)

Weight (approx.)

7 kg (UTAS-0045)