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Utest Material Testing Equipment

Sand Replacement Test Sets

Product Code

UTS-0900            Sand Replacement Test Set 100 mm BS
UTS-0901            Sand Pouring Cylinder 100 mm dia. for UTS-0900
UTS-0902            Calibration Container for UTS-0900
UTS-0903            Metal Tray for UTS-0900
UTS-0910            Sand Replacement Test Set 150 mm BS
UTS-0911            Sand Pouring Cylinder 150 mm dia. for UTS-0910
UTS-0912            Calibration Container for UTS-0910
UTS-0913            Metal Tray for UTS-0910
UTS-0920            Sand Replacement Test Set 200 mm BS
UTS-0921            Sand Pouring Cylinder 200 mm dia. for UTS-0920
UTS-0922            Calibration Container for UTS-0920
UTS-0923            Metal Tray for UTS-0920


BS 1377:9, 1924:2

The Sand Replacement Test Set is used for the determination of the degree of compaction on site. The Complete set consists of a pouring cylinder, calibration container and tray. The sand pouring cylinder is made of cast aluminum and precisely machined; the calibration container and tray are made of plated sheet steel. The test set is available in three different sizes.

Product Code


Weight (approx.)


300x300x440 mm

8 kg


300x300x500 mm

14 kg


500x500x660 mm

27 kg