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Utest Material Testing Equipment

Ion Exchange Apparatus

Product Code

UTS-0280            Ion Exchange Apparatus
UTS-0282            Ion Exchange Resin 500 g


BS 1377:3

The UTS-0280 Ion Exchange Apparatus when used together with UTS-0282 Ion Exchange Resin, is used to determine the sulphate content of aqueous soil extracts and ground water.The apparatus consists of an ion exchange column of 10 mm diameter and 400 mm long, swan-neck outlet and a 1500 ml round bottom flask to give a constant head. The apparatus is supplied assembled on a stand.

UTS-0282 Ion Exchange Resin, 500 g should be ordered separately.





200x100x600 mm

100x100x100 mm

Weight (approx.)

5 kg

0,5 kg